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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Tourism Department

Tourism Department
Organizational structure
Job responsibilities
Job responsibilities
Tourism Affairs Section
1. Promoting endeavors to establish the special tourism zone with casino subsidiaries.
2. Feasibility study and overall planning of private participation in Penghu’s tourist infrastructure and inviting for investments in tourist infrastructure.
3. Handling training of tourism industry workers.
4. Domestic and international cooperation and exchange on tourism development.
5. Planning of travel routes of eco-tourism.
Tourism Promotion Section
1. Assisting townships, cities and civil societies in carrying out tourism promotion activities.
2. Registration management of private lodging facilities, hotels and guesthouses.
3. Implementing tourism promotional activities.
4. Management of offshore platforms.
5. Maintenance and management of Penghu Tour Web Site-Welcome.
Transportation and Mainland Affairs Section
1. Supervision and management of subsidized transport and ferry vessels in the county
2. Cross-strait exchanges and small three links affairs.
3. Marine transport and innovative transport outside the county.
4. Air ticket seating coordination.
5. Public transport services on roads and highways.
Scenic Area Management Section
1. Landscape planning of townships and cities in the county.
2. Matters related to use category change of industrial land in scenic areas.
3. Establishment of public art facilities
4. Matters related to coast conservation and urban-rural landscape planning.
5. Landscape engineering affairs in townships and cities of the county.
Summary of Penghu’s Tourism Development Policy
Summary of Penghu’s Tourism Development Policy
Our Objective
To create an island tourist resort that incorporates Penghu’s characteristics and services at international level with innovate thinking and that highlights natural and humanistic beauty of Penghu.
Our Strategy
Work toward this objective from the perspectives of tourism development, service quality, market development and tourism promotion.
Tourism Development
1. Building on Penghu’s culture, history and marine environment resources as the basis and contents of tourism development
2. Integrating private resources and inviting private investments in tourism development projects, trying to establish a comprehensive theme recreation area with a low-profile casino as the incentive for investments
3. Formulating plans on travel routes that fit in with various islands and creating new travel routes and sites in Penghu.
4. Enhancing Penghu’s tourism industrial policy from a macro perspective through strengthening international exchange
5. Improving competency of local management talents involved in tourism industry, empowering them to develop tourism industry from an international view by strengthening talent cultivation
Service Quality
1. Targeted at hotels, private lodging facilities, restaurants, travel agencies, tour guides, travel boats, sightseeing buses, water recreation areas and industrial products.
2. Assistance programs for those engaging in special business operations of existing hotels and private lodging facilities.
3. Handling programs to promote pilot travel itineraries in Penghu
4. Encouraging tour plans that integrate ecological, humanistic and attractive contents
5. Carrying out tourism safety management
Market Development
1. Identifying Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan and other regions or countries as the target market
2. Integrating resources from airlines and travel agencies to expand the travel group market.
3. Strengthening media advertisements to seek more share in individual tourist market
4. Strengthening promotional efforts in individual tourist market during peak seasons and off-seasons
5. Establishing network platform progressively to expand the individual tourist market
Tourism Promotion
1. Promoting continuously the beauty of Penghu through various channels, including TV, networks, flat media, radio stations and exhibition fairs.
2. Organizing media groups and professional groups for assistance in tourism promotion.
3. Integrating resources and proposing projects that underlines Penghu’s beauty
4. Proposing new tours and planning new themes to help promote tourism industry and new landscape of Penghu.
5. Examining operating performance of tourism promotional activities and promoting major festivals and events
Our Vision
Shaping Penghu into a new travel resort in Asia Pacific by capitalizing on the unique characteristics of Special Cultural Zone, Special Marine Ecological Zone, Basalt Geological Park, casinos, duty-free shopping area and direct cross- strait transportation points.
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