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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Penghu County Police Bureau

Organization Structure

One commissioner and two deputy commissioners are designated for the Police Department, and one chief secretary and one chief inspector. Three precincts are established: Makong Precinct, Baisha Precinct, and Wongan Precinct. Five direct divisions: Criminal Investigation Division, Mobile Division, Traffic Division, Juvenile Affairs Division, and Women's and Children's Protection Division。 Thirteen divisions: Administration Division, Prevention and Control Division, Training Division, Logistics Division, Peace Preservation Division, Foreign Affairs Division, Forensic Science Division, Inspector Division, Administrative Division, Security Division, System Administration, and Public Relations Division. Three offices: Accounting Office, Personnel Office, and Government Ethics Office. And two centers: Command and Control Center, and Civil Defense Center.

Contact of Representative of Agency

Address: No.36, Zhiping Rd., Magong City, Penghu County 88043
Tel: (06)927-2105/(06)927-2557
Email: u001@ms1.phpb.gov.tw
Fax: (06)927-8353

Name of the Division Tel No. or extension
Switchboard 06-9272105
Criminal Investigation Division 06-9279366
Mobile Division 06-9278997
Traffic Division 06-9274000
Juvenile Affairs Division 06-9279530
Women's and Children's Protection Division 06-9274995
Administration Division 06-9273053
Prevention and Control Division 06-9279248
Training Division 06-9272554
Foreign Affairs Division 06-9278466
Logistics Division 06-9277215
Security Division 06-9277155
Prevention and Control Division 06-9270038
Forensic Science Division 06-9262713
Inspector Division 06-9277247
Public Relations Division 06-9271839
Administrative Division 06-9262555
System Administration 06-9274122
Legal and Regulation Division  06-9272932
Personnel Office 06-9263334
Government Ethics Office 06-9262554
Accounting Office 06-9279293
Command and Control Center 06-9272557
Civil Defense Center 06-9272301


Service Mail: u001@ms1.phpb.gov.tw
Address of the Agency: No.36, Zhiping Rd., Magong City, Penghu County 88043 (Refer to Location)