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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Fire Bureau

Fire Bureau
Organization Chart

Duties and Responsibilities
Unit Function and Duty
Fire Investigation Section
1. Fire investigations; evidence examination; production and documentation of fire certificates; and statistics and analysis of fire incidents.
2. Management of investigation and examination tools and equipment.
3. Acceptance of applications for fire cause certificates and fire investigation data, and issue of fire cause certificates.
4. Organization, training and duty arrangement of volunteer firefighters, women’s fire prevention awareness groups and emergency (neighborhood) rescue teams.
Disaster Prevention Section
1. Reviews of fire safety equipment and drawings; and work related to fire management systems.
2. Onsite inspection of fire safety equipment and drawings; and work related to LPG pipeline management.
3. Inspections and supervision of building public safety; and promotion of building periodic repair reporting.
4. Anti-fire system and profit-making business establishment cases.
5. Fire prevention education, gas water heater & carbon monoxide prevention education, and approval of applications for sky lantern release.
6. Management of hazardous materials; and approval of the use of fireworks and firecrackers.
Disaster and Rescue Section
1. Promotion and optimization of the disaster prevention and rescue measures of this county.
2. Planning, establishment and implementation of various disaster emergency response measures.
3. Improvement of the disaster rescue capacity of PHCFD.
4. Increase of fire water sources in this county and reinforcement of their maintenance and management.
5. Increase new fire engines and equipment and replacement of old fire engines and equipment of PHCFD.
6. Improvement of the firefighting and disaster rescue capacity of offshore islands and promotion of fighting fire with se water.
Emergency Medical Services (Ambulance) Section
1. Planning, supervision and evaluation of emergency medical services.
2. Planning and implementation of the emergency medical ambulance system.
3. Training and education of emergency medical techniques.
4. Planning and implementation of assistance in multiple casualty incidents (MCIs) and contact with healthcare institutions.
5. Organization, training and duty arrangement of volunteer EMT teams.
Emergency Rescue Command Center
1. Acceptance of 119 reports
2. Emergency medical service and rescue dispatch and coordination with relevant units.
3. Announcement and reporting of emergency situations.
4. Supervision and management.
5. Information communication.
1st District HQs
The jurisdiction of the 1st District Headquarters of PHCFD covers the following four districts: Magong City, Huxi Township, Baisha Township and Xiyu Township. An island branch is established on each of the following five islands: Magong, Pengnan, Huxi, Baisha and Xiyu; and each of the following six offshore islands: Dacang, Hujing, Tongpan; Niaoyu, Yuanbei and Jibei, to carry out the following duties: fire prevention, disaster rescue and emergency medical service. The major functions include:
1. A dedicated safety inspection team inspects the fire equipment and safety of all controlled venues within the jurisdiction of this district headquarters.
2. To implement the rescue of various disasters and emergency medical services.
3. To provide training on disaster prevention, disaster rescue and emergency medical service for all branches of this district headquarters.
2nd District HQs
The jurisdiction of the 2nd District Headquarters of PHCFD covers the following two administrative districts: Wangan and Qimei townships. A branch is established in each of the following four areas, including Wangan, Qimei, Jiangjun and Huayu, to carry out duties including fire prevention, disaster rescue and emergency medical service.
Administration Section
1. Renovation, repair and construction projects of fire stations and buildings.
2. Arrangement of tendering for construction, financial and labor contracts.
3. Repair and maintenance of fire engines, ambulances and related equipment.
4. Document management, salary, cashier, property registration and general affairs management.
Government Ethics Office
1. Establishment and education of laws and regulations on government ethics within PHCFD.
2. Prevention, detection and management of reports on corruptions and illegal acts of PHCFD personnel.
3. Suggestions for government ethics reforms.
4. Suggestions for reward and punishment in government ethics evaluation of PHCFD.
5. Maintenance of PHCFD confidential items.
6. Other affairs related to government ethics.
7. Civil servant property declaration and acceptance of applications for retrieval made by the public.
Accounting Office
As a staffing unit, the Accounting Office takes charge of the budget planning, accounting affairs, final accounting and statistics of PHCFD. In budget planning, the Accounting Office plans and produces the annual budget (estimation) of PHCFD. In accounting affairs, the Accounting Office supervises the utilization of the budget, performs internal control and audits incomes and expenses. In final accounting, the Accounting Office produces general financial reports to reflect the actual financial status of PHCFD. In statistics, the Accounting Office collects and collates relevant data for the reference of making future administration decisions to accomplish the administration targets.
Personnel Office
1. Organization planning
2. Duty categorization
3. Appointment, dismissal, promotion and transfer.
4. Pay grade approval and review.
5. Examination and assignment.
6. Reward and penalty.
7. Performance (examination) evaluation.
8. Leave and attendance management.
9. Benefits and welfare.
10. Retirement, layoff and relief
11. Service testimonial
12. Personnel data management
13. Service ID
14. Civil service insurance and national health insurance
Education and Training Section
Planning and implementation of education, training and continuing education for fire officers; and write and prepare teaching materials and teaching aids for fire education and training.
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