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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Cultural Affairs Bureau

Cultural Affairs Bureau
Organizational structure

Job responsibilities
The Charter of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Penghu County
Article 1 The Charter is enacted in accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 11 of the Penghu County Government Organization Autonomous Regulations.
Article 2 The Cultural Affairs Bureau of Penghu County Government (referred to as the “Bureau” hereinafter) governs the cultural and artistic heritage and development, and preserves cultural assets.
Article 3 The Bureau has its Director appointed to take orders from the County Mayor for managing the Bureau operation and commanding and supervising the staff; also, one Deputy Director is appoint to assist the Director in managing the Bureau operation.
Article 4 There are divisions setup within the Bureau to manage operations respectively:
I. Library and Information Division: Manage the operation of the county library and its affiliated branches, the township and city library counseling, local literature and historical materials collection and research, publications management, literature promotion, information broadcasting, and other matters.
II. Cultural Heritage Division: Manage the preservation, maintenance, and reuse of the monuments, historical buildings, and clusters, the excavation, restoration, and supervision of the ruins, the survey, registration, supervision, and protection of cultural landscapes, the preservation, training, and promotion of traditional construction techniques; and the consideration and registration of various cultural assets.
III. Performing Arts Division: Manage the cultivation of artists and art teams, the promotion and cultivation of the performing arts, the promotion of performing arts international exchange, the operation of art galleries, community construction, public art reviews, art broadcasting and marketing, traditional art surveys, research, registration, and teaching and learning, art teaching and learning, other general businesses that do not belong to any Division.
IV. Museum Division: Manage the construction and operation of the County museum, the counseling and setup of local cultural centers of the township and cities, the collection, registration, storage, maintenance, and exhibition of cultural relics, folklore, and related cultural relics, the consignment of art collections for management, the promotion of astronomical education, and the training of volunteers.
V. Administration Division: Manage documents, general affairs, property management, procurement business, building environment repair and maintenance and management, research, assessment, and development, culture and arts association setup permission and supervision, and other matters.
Article 5 The Bureau has a Division Chief, editor, officer, associated technical specialist, junior technical specialist, assistant, clerk, and secretary appointed.
Article 6 The Bureau has an Accounting Office set up and Accounting Supervisor appointed to manage the budget, accounting, and statistics matters concurrently.
Article 7 The Bureau has a personnel officer appointed to manage the personnel management matters lawfully.
Article 8 The Bureau, in order to promote the inheritance and development of culture and art, may work with the related local authorities, social groups, and enthusiastic cultural businessmen to organize various non-paid committees and with the recruited volunteer service personnel.
Article 9 The official rank, grade, and personnel quota for each job position in the Charter should be formulated separately according to the “Standards for Grades.” 
The official rank and grade for each job position should be formulated separately according to the “Standards for Grades.”
Article 10 The Deputy Director should act on behalf of the Director when the Director is on leave or cannot perform the job duty for reasons. When the Deputy Director cannot perform their job duty for reasons at the same time, the job duty should be performed by proxy by the head of the unit in the order stated in Article 4. The resignation of the Director shall be handled in accordance with the public servant-related law and regulations.
Article 11 The stratification of the Bureau is enacted by the Bureau and reported to Penghu County Government for approval.
Article 12 The Charter has been implemented since January 1, 2000.
  The amendments to the Charter that were announced on October 27, 2005 have been implemented since November 1, 2005. 
The amendments to the Charter that were announced on November 7, 2006 have been implemented since September 3, 2006. 
The amendments to the Charter that were announced on April 17, 2007 have been implemented since July 1, 2007. 
The amendments to the Charter that were announced on March 23, 2011 have been implemented since July 1, 2011. 
The amendments to the Charter that were announced on December 21, 2011 have been implemented since January 1, 2012.