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Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau

Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau
History of the Bureau
The Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau of Penghu County Government was formerly known as the Agriculture Division (within the County) of Penghu County Government and it was reorganized as the Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau of Penghu County (Level I Institution outside the County) on December 23, 1999 and officially named the Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau of Penghu County Government on July 1, 2007, then it was reorganized again on July 1, 2011 and currently is part of the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Division, Fisheries Counseling Division, Fisheries Management Division, Ecological Conservation Division, Administration Division, Accounting Division, and Personnel Division setup. In addition, there are three secondary institutions set up, including Penghu County Forestry and Park Management Center, Penghu County Animal Disease Control and Prevention Center, and Penghu County Aquatic Seedlings Farm, which are responsible for agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery, farmers’ association and fishermen’s association counseling, agriculture produce and fishery products delivery and sale, natural ecological conservation, livestock, and aquatic disease prevention and control, aquatic seedlings, forestation, landscaping, and green beautification, and park maintenance and management business. Due to the natural geographical environment, the County is a difficult place for the growth of plants. However, there is potential for the development of fisheries. The animal husbandry industry that relies on plantation feed is also limited. In order to revitalize the agriculture and fisheries of this County, the Agriculture Committee and other relevant units have helped implement a number of development plans over the years, such as: the development of agriculture and animal husbandry, the development of fisheries, conservation of marine resources, processing and distribution of agricultural and fishery products, construction of windbreaks and green grasslands, and agricultural and fishing village community environment improvement in order to improve the income of farmers and fishermen and to improve the quality of community living environments through such effort and cooperation.
Organizational structure

Job responsibilities
Divisions Contents of the job responsibilities
Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Division I. Agricultural promotion
Improve grain and agricultural promotion and food management.
Vegetable production counseling
Crop pest control work
Agricultural survey and agricultural natural disaster investigation and reporting
Pesticide management and counseling
Seedling management and counseling
Fertilizer management, agricultural and livestock products smuggling supervision and destruction processing
II. Animal industry promotion
General livestock administration management
Livestock and poultry promotion counseling
Feed crop management and sampling inspection
Meat product marketing
Dynamic investigation of animal husbandry and investigation and rescue of natural disaster
III. Farmers’ Association counseling
Farmers’ Association operation and Farmers’ Association business
Farmers’ insurance business counseling
Farmers’ Association project loans
The farmhouse, farm, and fishery village community environment improvement
New farm business operation
IV. Farm land use
Application for changes in the use of farmlands
The review of farmland used for agricultural facilities
The confirmation of the use of farmland for agricultural purposes and the issuance of certificates of proof
Tax-free farmland management
Farmland pollution and crop damage investigation and assessment
Cooperating with the survey, inspection, and approval of the competent authorities
Fisheries Management Division I. Fisheries Administrative Management
Fisheries management
Fishing boat management
Crew management
Fisheries survey statistics
II. Fishery production incentives
Counsel marine fisheries development.
Setup artificial reefs to cultivate fishery resources.
Setup a fishery resources zone for the protection of fish and seashell seedlings.
Cooperate with the Coast Guard Administration to confiscate the fishing gear and fish of the fishermen from Mainland China invading the waters of this County
III. Strengthen fisheries management
Ban illegal fishing.
Fishing boats entry and exit management
Fishing port cleaning and maintenance
Fisheries Counseling Division I. Fishery counseling and management zoning, accepting the applications filed for setting fishery rights
Onshore fish farm registration and management
Wholesale market underwriter license issuance and management
Certificate of origin issued for fishing products
Recreational fishery
Fishermen welfare matters
Fry export inspection
II. Production and sales counseling
Fisheries promotion education
Aquatic products processing counseling
Aquatic products production and marketing counseling
Marine ranch
III. Fishermen’s Association counseling
The operation of Fishermen’s Association
The finance of Fishermen’s Association
Fisherman insurance business counseling
Fish market management
Fisheries project loans
IV. Fishery Disaster Management
Fishery natural disaster relief
Fisherman (fishing boat) shipwreck relief fund distribution
V. Rich and beautiful farm and fishing villages
Rich and beautiful fishing village
Fishing village environment improvement
Ecological Conservation Division General business services
Construction and maintenance of agricultural road
Document in-and-out and file management
Engineering, property, and labor tender procurement
General affairs, research, cashier
Property management
Administration Division General business services
Construction and maintenance of agricultural road
Document in-and-out and file management
Engineering, property, and labor tender procurement
General affairs, research, cashier
Property management
Accounting Office Handle budgets, accounting, and statistical matters according to the law.
Personnel Office Implement personnel management (and internal affairs) matters lawfully.
Contact information
Address: No.477, Xinying Road, Magong City, Penghu County 88043
Tel.: (06)92-2620 (representative number)
Fax: (06)927-4755 Contact
Name of Divisions and Offices Direct Line Number Fax
Switchboard 06-9262620 (representative number)  
Director's Office 06-9272359 06-9262927
Deputy Director's Office 06-9272359 06-9264085
Secretary's Office 06-9267847 06-9267847
Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Division 06-9270133 06-9261064
Fisheries Management Division 06-9261145 06-9264086
Fisheries Counseling Division 06-9264208 06-9264209
Ecological Conservation Division 06-9263720 06-9275578
Administration Division 06-9274763 06-9274755
Accounting Office 06-9276014 06-9276014
Personnel Office 06-9274769