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Environmental Protection Bureau

Environmental Protection Bureau
Environmental Protection Bureau, Penghu County
This Bureau was known as Division II of the Health Bureau of the County for environmental protection-related business. Due to the awakening of environmental protection awareness and the rapid expansion of business operations, the Environmental Protection Bureau was organized according to the instruction of the former County Mayor, Mr. Qian-Tong Wang on January 1, 1991 and Mr. Xie Ruimeng Hsieh, who was the secretary of the County at the time and has been appointed as the Director since then till now. The office was set up in the Assembly Hall at the first floor of the Health Bureau on a loan. The Inspection Office was set up at the former “Friends of Armed Forces Association” also on a loan. The County Government had ordered to have a new building constructed where both the Environmental Protection Bureau and the Inspection Office are located today and it was officially renamed as “Environmental Protection Bureau, Penghu County” on July 1, 2007.
 Since the establishment of the Environmental Protection Bureau, we have worked hard for the efforts of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Penghu County. Our mission is to “Prevent pollution and protect the environment with the foundation of a sustainable development constructed for the descendants of Penghu.” The goal is to “Protect national health and living environment in order to improve the quality of life.”

Organizational structure

Deputy Director
Pollution Control Division, Waste Planning Division, Environmental Management Division, Administrative Office, Accounting Office, and Personnel Office

Job responsibilities
Divisions Contents of the job responsibilities
Pollution Control Division
Air pollution, water, soil, and groundwater pollution, street dust cleaning, energy saving and carbon reduction, low carbon island projects, pollution dispute appeals, environmental education propaganda, noise pollution prevention, control of toxic chemical substances, and environmental impact assessments.
Environmental Management Division
Prevention and treatment of disease vectors, pests, and rodents, coastline cleaning and maintenance, construction of a sustainable high-quality environmental projects, public toilets management, business waste management, drinking water health management, illegal advertising, general waste inspection, and disaster prevention and relief
Waste Planning Division
Waste disposal, resource recovery, green procurement, kitchen waste recycling, citizen cleaning and handling agency management, plastic limitation policy, and recycling workshop
Administration Office
Paperwork, seals, research, assessment, and development, procurement, property management, business management, information services, file management, and cashier
Personnel Office
Organizational structure, appointment and dismissal, performance reward and punishment, business leave and attendance management, retirement pension, public servant insurance and health insurance, salary and benefits, and personnel data management
Accounting Office
Budget, accounting, and statistics
Contact information

Address: No. 6-1, Da-Chen-Bei, Huxi Township, Penghu County 88591
Tel.: 06-9221776, 06-9221778, 06-9221779, 06-9221781
Email: fr09560 @phepb.penghu.gov.tw
Fax: 06-9221829
Name of Division/Office Telephone number or extension number
Switchboard 06-9221778
Extension number of the Director Ext. 601
Extension number of the Deputy Director Ext. 501
Extension number of the Pollution Control Division Chief Ext. 101
Extension number of the Environmental Management Division Chief Ext. 201
Extension number of the Waste Planning Division Chief Ext. 301
Extension number of the Administration Office Ext. 611
Extension number of the Personnel Office Ext. 618
Extension number of the Accounting Office Ext. 503
Service mailbox fr09560 @phepb.penghu.gov.tw
Unit or institution address No. 6-1, Da-Chen-Bei, Huxi Township, Penghu County 88591
Traffic guide on how to get to the unit Travel by bus
or approach the destination
No. 6-1, Da-Chen-Bei, Huxi Township, Penghu County 88591