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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Civil Affairs Department

Civil service Ethics Department
Organizational structure:

Job responsibilities:
Divisions Contents of the job responsibilities
Autonomous Administration Division 1. The business leave, rewards, and punishments for the County Mayor, Township Officer, and City Officer
2. The planning and implementation of the miscellaneous engineering projects by the Township Office, City Office, Rural Village Office, and Urban Village Office
3. The zoning of the Township and City Administrative District, the grouping of neighborhoods, the assignment of rural village and urban village staff, and the change registration of neighborhood chiefs
4. Seminars and training arranged for the heads and staff of rural villages and urban villages
5. The planning and implementation of the alliance of county sisterhood and the related matters
6. The supervision and evaluation of the public construction and production business of the township and city; the process and presentation of the motions resolved by the county council
7. Township and City Civil Affairs Office operation counseling
8. The supervision of the provisional Rural Village and Urban Village Civil Affairs Office and the process of resolved motions
9. The planning and implementation of the election and dismissal of all public officials
10. The collection, summary, and presentation of the information on the implementation of the campaign politics of the County Mayor
11. The planning and implementation of a referendum
12. The process of legal aid matters
13. The ethnic business of aboriginals and other committees
14. Other contingent assignments
Religious Affairs Division 1. Temples, divine society, rituals management, land clearance, entrustment registration, and auction operations
2. The planning and implementation of major religious and civil activities
3. Counseling the registration of the temple land or the legalization of the building
4. Counseling religious group development and subsidy business
5. Management of religious organizations
6. Management of the National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine and Confucius Temple
7. Spring Festival, Autumn Festival, and Confucius memorial ceremony
8. National filial piety and good-people citation
9. National religious information system data entry and filing
10. The general business operation and website data update and maintenance of the Civil Affairs Department
11. Other contingent assignments
Household Registration Division 1. Household registration, statistics, and notification
2. The information regarding household registration laws and regulations
3. The simple, convenient, and innovative household registration business
4. Natural person certificate, volunteer service, and seal registration
5. Household registration fees and fines
6. The household registration management for aboriginals, departure/entry, and residents of Mainland China
7. The care and counseling arranged for foreigners and the spouses emigrating from Mainland China
8. Household registration and military service information system-related business operations
9. The management of the national identity card and the household registration book
10. Nationality management
11. House numbering, nailing, and management
12. Household registration check and correction
13. Household Certificate and household registration information link and supply
14. The household registration and police office contact and other county (city) household registration contact matters
15. The identity confirmation of the applicant for first-time passport applications
16. The preparation, distribution, implementation and control, and approval for cancellation of the household registration budget (including household registration office)
17. The management of the household registration office and equipment
18. The household registration personnel matters, including personnel replacement, leave and vacation, rewards and punishment, and education and training
19. Handling the general affairs and the main general business operation of the Civil Affairs Department concurrently
20. The lifetime study hours file uploading operation
21. The website management staff of the Civil Affairs Department
22. Other contingent assignments
Military Service Division 1. Service for regulars, substitute service, and supplementary soldiers recruitment business
2. Handling serviceman reassignment and the extension, temporary recruitment suspension, and obstruction of military service cases
3. Application for Substitute Civilian Service and supplementary service due to family factors
4. Recruitment of voluntary military service and Service for officers
5. Comprehensive management of military service affairs supervision and assessment
6. The physical checkup and re-examination of servicemen
7. Review and approval of service exemption, bans, and probation
8. Servicemen soldier investigation business
9. Conscription integrated business
10. Military Cemetery management
11. Military Reserve Force management business and active military personnel interests business
12. Servicemen disability, death placement, and condolences
13. Servicemen life support business
14. Substitute Civilian Service management business, Substitute Civilian Service (Substitute Services Draftees) early discharge business
15. Substitute Civilian Service convening business
16. General military service business and military administration fund subsidy appropriation and distribution
17. General military service information processing
18. Handling national guard mobilization preparation business
19. Handling servicemen military service draft and secondary draft business
20. The management of servicemen entry and departure, overseas Chinese students, servicemen from Mainland China and the investigation of missing soldiers
21. National guard change management
22. Military requests and armed forces’ supporting disaster prevention and rescue operations
23. Other contingent assignments
Funeral Management Division 1. The establishment, management, and maintenance of funeral facilities
2. The management and counseling of the funeral services industry
3. Counseling for the improvement of the funeral business in each township and city
4. The management of funeral acts and the investigation of burial violations, and punishment of the funeral industry for violating laws and regulations
5. The enactment and amendment of funeral laws and regulations, and the management
6. The management of public cemeteries
7. The management of cemetery land and property
8. Public cemetery beautification-related matters of each township and city
9. The implementation of cremation tower burial and columbariums for remains
10. Offshore island construction funds subsidies and funds authorization and appropriation related matters
11. Other contingent assignments
Contact information:
Name of Divisions and Offices Telephone number or extension number
Switchboard 06-9274400
Director’s extension number Ext. 220
Extension number of the Deputy Director Ext. 221
Autonomous Administration Division Ext. 223, 317, 323
Religious Affairs Division Ext. 224, 242, 319, 320
Household Registration Division Ext. 268, 321, 322
Military Service Division Ext. 222, 250, 515, 516, 517, 518, 520
Switchboard 06-9221650
Funeral Management Division Ext. 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Fax (06) 927-4701 (Autonomous Administration Division and Religious Affairs Division)
(06) 926-4840 (Household Registration Division)
(06) 9264259 (Military Service Division)
(06) 9221657 (Funeral Management Division)
Service mailbox phhg01@mail.penghu.gov.tw