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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Finance Department

Finance Department
Organizational structure:


Job responsibilities:

Unit Function and Duty
Financial Management Section
1. Revenue budget, supplementary budget, and budget allotment
2. General accounting and financial ledger registration
3. Tax administration and review and approval of fees, vouchers and receipts
4. Planning of annual revenue budget and supplementary budget.
5. Treasury management
6. Treasury contracts and opening of special accounts.
7. Supervision of the financial management of local townships and cities.
8. Establishment, supervision and guidance for credit cooperatives
9. Management of tobacco and alcohol distributors.
10. Tobacco and alcohol inspection and banning tobacco and alcohol smuggling.
11. Tobacco and alcohol hygiene inspection in collaboration with health authorities.
12. Handing of reports of faked or smuggled tobacco and alcohol
Public Property Section
1. Handling of applications for leasing and lending of county private not for public use.
2. Handling of applications for transfer of the lease of county private not for public use.
3. Handling of applications for succession of the lease of county private not for public use.
4. Handling of the sale of county private not for public use.
5. Handing of the transfer of county property for let.
6. Handling of the sale of county odd lots.
7. Inventory of country property.
8. Assignment of use of country property not for public use.
Treasury Section
1. Review and approval of budget allotted to government organizations and schools.
2. Review and approval of the payment vouchers and transfer vouchers of government organizations and schools.
3. Salary claim.
4. Approval and disbursement of pensions and relief funds.
  Check management.
  Handling of seal replacement.
  Receiving and custody of bills and marketable securities as a cashier.
Land Administration Section
1. Cadastral survey and registration.
2. Cadastral clearance.
3. Land value affairs.
4. 37.5% rent reduction contract affairs.
6. Control of unattended succession registrations.
7. Real estate broker management.
8. Land administration agent management.
9. Real estate appraiser management
10. Cadastral information
11. Mediation and settlement of real estate disputes
12. Property right involving aliens
13. Determination of no private ownership land in coastal area.
14. Land administration data center management.
Land Development Section
1. Land re-planning.
2. Zone compulsory purchase.
3. Lease of county farmland.
4. Sale of public land.
5. Appropriation of public land.
6. Compulsory purchase
7. Applications for building residence in agricultural land.
8. Application for land use change in non-urban areas.
9. Control of land in non-urban areas
Contact information:

Ext. 230
Deputy Director
Ext. 226
Financial Management Section
Ext. 227、330、334、343、344
Public Property Section
Ext. 229、334、341、342、346
Treasury Section
Ext. 219、228、295、345、347、380
Land Administration Section
Ext. 255
Land Development Section
Ext. 254、289
No.32, Jhihping Rd., Magong City Penghu County 88043, Taiwan (R.O.C.)