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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Economic Affairs Department

Economic Affairs Department
Organizational structure:


Job responsibilities:

Construction Management Section, Construction Department
Issue construction licenses
1. Issue construction licenses and approve of change in architectural designs:
2. Issue occupation licenses and approve of change in occupation licenses:
3. Issue miscellaneous construction licenses:
4. Issue construction demolition licenses.
5. Issue permits for temporary construction licenses for areas reserved for public facilities (equipment).
6. Approve of application for occupation licenses on lawful old constructions.
7. Accept information of change in builder (proprietor), construction workers, and construction supervisor.
8. Reissue and set construction licenses and occupation licenses in response to application after missing.
9. Take charge of various construction licenses after rejection or supplementation.
10. Issue certificates for completion in land reclamation after lawful constructions are removed for public facilities.
Management over construction and use
1. Accept report on start-up in construction and extension for construction work.
2. Inspection and survey amidst construction work.
3. Issue permit for roads to be used for construction work.
4. Settle construction related disputes.
5. Take charge of construction management related administrative orders.
6. Take charge of construction co-survey cases.
7. Inspect and take charge of public safety facilities for constructions.
8. Declare for public safety for buildings.
9. Report and identify unlawful constructions, hazardous and outdated constructions.
10. Serve notices for corrective action (remedial measure) in case of a jeopardy of construction projects against neighboring buildings.
11. Approve temporary uses of air-raid shelters.
12. Take patrol, manage and superintend installation of billboards and advertising.
III. Construction management related administration
1. Work out and enact county regulations over unlawful constructions.
2. Implement removal of unlawful constructions
3. Assist implementation of street clean-up programs.
4. Settle major problems and disputes in removal of constructions.
5. Build wheelchair-oriented environments for constructions.
Public housing programs.
1. Public housing programs.
2. Take charge of public housing programs in sales and ownership transfer registration.
3. Render management and maintenance of public housing communities.
4. Screen and approve qualifications for application for public housing programs.
5. Screen and approve qualifications for application for public housing programs.
6. Appropriate funds required for public housing construction.
7. Assemble monthly statements for public housing construction programs.
8. Establish and cancel mortgage plans for public housing loans.
9. Render subsidies and allowances for various public housing programs.
Land for public housing programs
1. Investigate and survey land for public housing programs.
2. Resolve decisions about land for public housing programs.
3. Procure, clean up and appropriate land for public housing programs into use.
4. Divide, register and maintain land for public housing programs.
Other issues
1. Register for architects in their business operation.
2. Take charge of registry and management of architects in their business operation.
3. Take charge of discipline cases for architects.
4. Issue certificates for consolidated uses of odd plots.
5. Take charge of matters to settle business of the Odd Plot Settlement Committee.
6. Assemble and submit a variety of architectural statements.
7. Clarify and interpret construction related laws and regulations.
8. Issue legal vacant plots for building lots.
9. Promote green buildings.
10. Issue lawful certificates for buildings.
11. Render administrative management over condominium buildings.
Urban & Suburban Development Section, Construction Department
Urban & suburban planning
1. Enact, amend, or change urban planning.
2. Interpret and clarify urban planning related laws and regulations.
3. Take charge of construction bans in urban planning areas.
4. Render expropriation of public facility lands in urban planning areas and map out constructions therefor.
5. Review the designs mapped out for public facilities in urban planning and implement such plans.
6. Identify cases against urban planning.
7. Issue certificates to prove no-obstruction to urban planning.
8. Issue zoning use certificates inside urban planning areas.
9. Assemble and report statistics for urban planning.
10. Map out and survey the areas where the public facilities in urban areas under the Equalization of Land Rights.
11. Render management and material of public facilities (equipment) in urban planning areas.
12. Develop new community areas.
13. Approve development plans for non-urban area land.
New phases for urban and non-urban programs
1. Approve funds budgeted for development and designs for urban and non-urban programs.
2. Render superintendence, inspection & acceptance for new urban and non-urban aspects.
Industrial & Commercial Development Section, Construction Department
Industrial management
1. Review and convey factory establishment registry cases.
2. Review cases for factory alteration registry.
3. Review cases for factory alteration registry.
4. Audit unregistered factories and supplementary registry for temporary factories.
5. Render development and management of industrial areas.
6. Render support for characterized industries.
Commercial management
1. Issue commercial registry certificates.
2. Take charge of nullification of commercial registry certificates.
3. Serve notices to applicants for supplementary submittals for inconsistent applications.
4. Promote commodity labeling (pricing) policies.
5. Help promote Fair Trade Law affairs.
6. Inspect volume, weight and such measuring units.
7. Render support to small and medium businesses and solicit investors.
8. Render investigation and management over supplies available for military use.
9. Take charge of electric, commercial information.
10. Map out pre-implementation programs to promote investment.
11. Render support for commercial modernization.
12. Render other matters in commercial management.
Retail markets
1. Take charge of funds for public markets.
2. Map out new construction and refurbishment of public markets.
3. Review cases in establishment and change in public and private markets.
4. Render management, superintendence over market business and upgrade environment sanitation.
5. Render other matters in management of markets.
Consumer protection
1. Consumer protection related administration.
2. Settle consumer grievance cases.
Parking lot services
1. Personnel management.
2. Personnel management.
3. Render emergency maintenance & repair and management.
4. Render planning and design.
Tap water supply management
1. Render services about summary tap water supply.
2. Render management over tap water management.
Energy management
1. Render establishment and management of refueling stations.
2. Render support for gas refilling facilities.
3. Render management over electric supply.
4. Render small sized electric supply facilities.
5. Take charge of renewable energy and other energy related affairs.

How to contact for services

Director’s extension
Ext. 535 [Direct Line]  +886-6-9268380
Deputy Director’s extension
Ext. 534 [Direct Line]  +886-6-9277902
Construction Management Section
Ext. 568, 505, 506, 509, 246, 267 
[Direct Line] +886-6-9270690, +886-6-9272203
Industrial & Commercial Development Section
Ext. 340, 235, 296, 302, 304, 338, 339 
[Direct Line] +886-6-9266157
Consumer Service Center
[Direct Line] +886-6-9266266
[Direct Line for Nationwide Consumer Service] 1950
+886-6-9277260 (Construction Management Section),
+886-6-9268120 (Urban & Suburban Development Section) 
+886-6-9277886 (Industrial & Commercial Development Section, Consumer Service Center),
No. 32 Zhiping Road, Magong City, Penghu County