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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Education Department

Education Department, Penghu County Government
Organizational structure:

According to Article 6 of the Penghu County Government Organization Autonomous Regulations, there are four Divisions set up, including the Primary and Junior High School Education Division, Academic Affairs Management Division, Social Study Special Education Division, and PE and Health Division, and the Family Education Center, the Stadium and the School Inspector; also, the following units are setup in response to the need of business operation, including the Compulsory Education advisory Group, Education Network Center, Early Childhood Education Resource Center, Special Education Resource Center, and Student Counseling Consultation Center.

Job responsibilities:

The Education Department is responsible for the education administration, Primary and Junior High School Education, social education, tutorial education, special education, early childhood education, teacher training and advanced study, health education, and physical education.
Divisions Contents of the job responsibilities
Director Manage the education-related matters of the County comprehensively.
Deputy Director Assist in managing the education-related matters of the County comprehensively.
School inspector The implementation of the supervision plan, the supervision matters of the junior high and elementary school administration and teaching, the unified supervision of the Ministry of Education on the local education affairs, the investigation of accusations against education personnel, interviews, investigations, and processing of  occasional campus incidents, opinions on the education improvement proposed, convening the education review committee meeting of the County, the review and approval of the research and study hours, etc.
Primary and Junior High School Education Division The old and dangerous school buildings reconstruction plan for the elementary school and junior high school: Refined Primary and Junior High School Education infrastructure construction plan for new school building hardware engineering, school land management, reconstructing education facilities of junior high school and elementary school, natural disaster reconstruction projects, building public safety, fire equipment repair and maintenance services, education priority district plan, the class arrangement of junior high school and elementary school, class inspection, the approval of the number of classes and the control of the total number of classes, promoting science education, information education, national defense education, statistic reports, school enrollment management, student scholarships and financial aids, textbooks business; kindergarten registration, organization, class additions, changes, cancellation, curricula, teaching, counseling, and assessment, unregistered institution audits, counseling and penalty affairs, the English language tutoring counseling and audit, the pre-school allowance review and approval and distribution, public kindergarten personnel-related businesses and recruitment, kindergarten teachers and caregivers incentives business, follow-up on five-year-old children not receiving schooling, preschool teachers and caregivers group and early childhood education resource center business, improving the teaching and learning environment in kindergarten, public safety inspection, children's transportation audit and management, kindergarten tour counseling, arranging early childhood research and study, parenting education, national early childhood education information network and kindergarten children management system, public liability subsidy and group insurance.
Academic Affairs Management Division School education personnel appointment and dismissal, assessment, rewards and punishments, business leave and personal leave, promotion and relocation, selection, data statistics, school teaching work, off-campus life counseling, promoting international education and marine, finance, English education, campus notice management system, drop-out students, human rights, morals, gender equality education business, substitute service management business, tuition and fees reduction and subsidies from the Ministry of Education to help improve campus security facilities, and enriching the library equipment of junior high schools and elementary schools, and school principals managing school operations and service performance evaluations.
Social Study Special Education Division Social education, promoting traffic safety education, boy scout education, tutorial education, art education, Chinese Cultural Renaissance Movement, community college business, the registration of Cultural and Educational Foundations and the management of business, family education center business, volunteer business; special education student evaluations and school counseling and referrals, placement, special education class counseling and evaluations, special education teacher professional training and on-the-job training, activities for students with physical and mental disorders, special education aids and related support services, gifted students early entry evaluation, art talent classes, and experimental education.
PE and Health Division School physical education teaching facilities and equipment, school all-purpose courts, holding various sports activities, participating in the province’s sports activities and player selection for the tournament, counseling the Athletics Federation to promote the sports activities and improving the physical education of the junior high school and elementary school, subsidizing excellent sports teams and players to visit and compete in tournaments overseas and awarding excellent players and outstanding units, social physical activities and physical health courses business; health education and work to strengthen school children’s health, school lunch and the construction of school kitchens, equipment, supervising the teachers and students cooperatives business, improving school noise and school drinking water facilities and equipment, help schools prevent pollution and achieve environmental greening, environmental protection business, energy education, environmental education, consumer protection education, school children safety insurance, procurement of school desks and chairs, etc.
Contact information:

Address: No. 32, Zhiping Road, Magong City, Penghu County; Tel.: (06)927-4400
Fax: (06)926-8493, 9278141
Name of Divisions and Offices Telephone number or extension number
Director’s extension number Ext. 238
Extension number of the Deputy Director Ext. 382
Extension number of the School Inspector Office Ext. 239, 383, 571, 572
Extension number of the Primary and Junior High School Education Division Ext. 272, 241, 385, 282, 273, 519
Extension number of the Academic Affairs Management Division Ext. 522, 523, 524, 507
Extension number of the Social Study Special Education Division Ext. 240, 384, 283, 269
Extension number of the Division of Athletic Training and Health Ext. 278, 274, 570, 269, 305, 306
Traffic guide on how to get to the unit

Travel by airplane (Magong Airport)
1. Buses:   Walk from the exit of the airport lobby or the exit of the station along the airport terminals to the airport kiosk on the right to wait for the buses.
For more information, please contact [Penghu County Government Public Bus and Boat Service], Tel.: 06-9272376.
2. Taxi:   The taxi line is at the exit of the airport terminals. The taxi fare is around NT$250-NT$300 from the airport to Magong City downtown.
Please call the car service in advance. For more information, please contact [Penghu Happy Traveler’s Page]. Taxi Driver Association: (06)927-6742
 Travel by a commune boat
Arrive at Mogong Harbor and then walk along Mintsu Road northwards until Zhiping Road and then turn right to reach the County Government Office, it takes about 10-15 minutes.  (Tai Hwa Line)