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Public Works Department

Public Works Department, Penghu County Government
Organizational structure


The Construction Bureau of the Public Works Department has been divided into three divisions, including the Civil Engineering Division, Port and Harbor Division, and Procurement Division since October 1, 2004 in response to the reorganization of the government and expansion of services for the people; also, the Sewerage Division was added.
Penghu County Government was reorganized in 2011 when the Public Works Bureau reorganized as the Public Works Department and the secondary unit “Section” reorganized as the “Division” to handle the public construction of the County and to promote government procurement; also, it actively expanded the services provided to the people and promoted the construction of the public works in this County.

Job responsibilities
Divisions Contents of the job responsibilities
Civil Engineering Division 1. The road widening, improvement, construction, and maintenance of the county and township
2. Urban road improvement maintenance
3. Rural village and urban village road improvement maintenance
4. Sand and gravel excavation business
5. Road land acquisition and ground objects inspection and assessment operation
6. Construction industry registration management
7. Landfill field planning, setup, management, and maintenance
8. Public construction and odd sporadic engineering works
9. Help review the construction projects of the county government (including the township office and city office).
10. District construction line instructions outside the Urban Planning
Sewerage Division Water resources development business.
2. Rainwater sewerage planning and engineering construction
3. Sewerage planning and engineering construction
4. Regional drainage planning, management, and improvement engineering
5. Well drilling and water rights registration management business
Port and Harbor Division 1. Port and harbor planning
2. Port and harbor construction and repair engineering
3. Port and harbor dredging, maintenance, and disaster recovery
4. Port and harbor management
5. Port and harbor engineering reports
6. Port and harbor and public land facilities
7. Port and harbor administration
8. Coastal management
Procurement Division
(Engineering Audit Team/Procurement Audit Team)
1. Study and enactment of Government Procurement Law and County Policy and System
2. Study, enactment, and amendment of Government procurement Law and county regulations
3. The report and approval of the bottom price for the procurement case
4. The coordination and supervision of procurement matters in this county
5. The approval and transfer of the Government Procurement Law, and propaganda
6. The procurement for an amount over the announcement should be processed by tender, parity, bargaining, and bid awarding.
7. The collection, announcement, and statistics of government procurement information
8. The construction inspection, procurement audit, engineering evaluation, etc.
9. Other government procurement-related matters
Contact information
(Contact information of the institution representative)
Address: No. 17-1, Zhiping Road, Magong City, Penghu County
Tel.: (06)927-8707
Email: fa84641@penghu.gov.tw
Fax: (06)9274609
Name of Divisions and Offices Telephone number or extension number
Switchboard 06-9278707
Director’s extension number Switchboard of the County Government: 06-9274400 ext. 701
Switchboard of the Public Works Department: 06-9278707 ext. 101
Extension number of the Deputy Director Switchboard of the County Government: 06-9274400 ext. 702
Switchboard of the Public Works Department: 06-9278707 ext. 102
Fax (06)9274609
Service mailbox cidric10@mail.penghu.gov.tw
Unit or institution address No. 17-1, Zhiping Road, Magong City, Penghu County
Traffic guide on how to get to the unit Travel by bus: Take the Magong Route and get off at the County Government Stop and Armed Forces Reserve Command Stop, then take a 5-minute walk.