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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Social Affairs Department

Social Affairs Department
Organizational structure

The Social Affairs Department comprises the following divisions, including the Social Administration Division, Social Welfare Division, Labor Administration Division and Social Work and Women & Children Division.

At present, the staffing of the department include one commissioner director, one deputy commissioner, four division directors, one senior staff, seven staffs, one interim professionals, one secretary, and eleven social workers (including inspectors). There is also one social welfare staff and one government social worker.​

Job responsibilities
Job responsibilities
Civic Group Organization and Training
1. Review, approval and transfer of civic group organization.
2. Instructions and guidance for civic group organization.
3. Review of civic group work planning.
4. Supervision and approval of civic group general meetings and elections.
5. Planning of organization and training affairs and approval of subsidization.
6. Coordination and liaison between government departments and civic groups.
7. Establishment of staff training plans for civic groups.
8. Approval of applications for meetings.
9. Approval of meetings holding and instructor assignment.
10. Review of the minutes of meetings of civic groups.
11. Management of civic group businesses.
12. Issue of the certificate of elect for civic group directors.
13. Investigation and registration of civil group personnel movements.
14. Approval and reporting of the appointment, dismissal and salary of civic groups.
15. Rewards and punishments for civic group employees.
16. Work evaluation and financial audit of civic groups.
17. Corrections of wrongdoings of civic groups.
18. Commendation of civic groups with great performance.
19. Interpretation of general laws and regulations governing civic groups.
20. Handling suggestions and consultations of civic groups.
21. Management of civic group management.
Social Activities
1. Organization and planning of memorial days and festivals.
2. Organization and planning of various social activities.
3. Fundraiser management.
4. Arrangement of variety shows for entertaining military servicemen.
5. Commendation for great citizens, model mothers and model fathers.
Community Development
1. Approval of annual community development plans.
2. Approval and appropriation of the funds for community development plans.
3. Planning and organization of community development associations.
4. Planning various community activities.
Co-operative Administration
1. Drawing work plans and schedules.
2. Compilation and reporting of plan execution results.
3. Interpretation of laws and regulations related to co-operatives.
4. Evaluation, reward and punishment of co-operatives and their employees.
5. Education and publicity of co-operatives.
6. Organization of co-operatives.
7. Review, approval and transfer of the annual business report of co-operatives.
8. Management of co-operative business.
Labor-Management Affairs
1. Organization and guidance for trade unions.
2. Assessment of trade union business.
3. Recommendation for participating in the national model labor election.
4. Guidance and implementation of labor-management meetings.
5. Coordination, mediation and arbitration of labor-management disputes.
6. Consultation of the Protective Act for Mass Redundancy of Employees and investigation and management of mass redundancy of employees.
Labor Treatment Business
1. Consultation service for the Labor Standard Law and relevant laws and regulations.
2. Appropriation of the labor pension fund.
3. Review approval of working rules.
4. Acceptance of labor treatment complaints and inspection, supervision and improvement of labor treatment.
5. Promotion, education and consultation service for the Gender Equality in Employment Act.
Employment Promotion
1. Promotion and publicity of employment and vocation training.
2. Review of employment discrimination.
3. Reporting of layoff.
4. Implementation of Multiple Employment Development Program.
Labor Welfare
1. Promotion of labor education.
2. Free legal consultation service for labor.
3. Management of labor education and recreation centers.
Foreign Worker Management
1. Consultation service for foreign worker management
2. Visit on foreign workers.
3. Mediation of labor-management disputes for foreign workers.
4. Reporting of foreign worker entries.
5. Verification of termination of employment of foreign workers.
6. Organization of conferences on foreign worker management regulations and foreign worker recreational activities.
7. Management of private human resource agents for foreign workers.
Employment Services for the Handicapped
1. Vocational rehabilitation services for the handicapped.
2. Vocational counseling and assessment for the handicapped.
3. Supportive employment for the handicapped.
4. Protective employment for the handicapped.
5. Vocational training for the handicapped.
6. Re-design of duties for the handicapped.
7. Employment quota of the handicapped.
8. Subsidization of interest from business startup loans for the handicapped.
9. Management of the employment fund for handicapped.
Social Welfare
1. Social welfare policies.
2. Welfare for elderly people.
3. Welfare for the handicapped.
4. Management of social welfare businesses.
Social Relief
1. Relief and accommodation for the victims of natural disasters.
2. Subsidization for low-income families, schooling and daily life.
3. Handling of applications for emergency relief from citizens.
4. Relief for travel expenses of travelers.
5. Arrangement and accommodation for the homeless.
6. Acceptance, medical attention and medical expense for patients found on the road.
7. Health insurance for low-income families.
8. Subsidization for the caregiver fee of patients from medium- and low-income families.
9. Social relief suvery.
1. Child welfare business
2. Women welfare business
3. Youth welfare business
4. Social work and service business
5. Domestic violence and sexual assault prevention.
Contact information
Deputy Director
Social Affairs Department
Labor Administration Division
Social Welfare Division
Social Work and Women & Children Division
No.32,Jhihping Rd.,Magong City Penghu County 88043,Taiwan(R.O.C)