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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

General Affairs Department

General Affairs Department
Organizational structure

Job responsibilities
Job responsibilities
1. Petitions, legislation, state compensation, preparation for mobilization, news, public relations, file management, general affairs and integrated planning, R&D, IT management, control and evaluation, and promotion of citizen services.
2. Review and approval of documents.
3. Attendance or presiding upon relevant meetings.
4. Investigation and study of important or complicated cases.
5. Other unplanned assignments.
Deputy Director
1. Assistance for the commissioner in handling petitions, legislation, state compensation, preparation for mobilization, news, public relations, file management, general affairs and integrated planning, R&D, IT management, control and evaluation, and promotion of citizen services.
2. Review and approval of documents.
3. Other unplanned assignments.
Legal Affairs Specialist
1. Review of the establishment, amendment or revocation of county regulations and control of their announcement (proclamation).
2. Interpretation of ambiguities in county regulations.
3. Ambiguities of laws and regulations of the central government and approval of their applicability.
4. Collection and collation of laws and regulations and update of county regulations.
5. Handling of applications for state compensation.
6. Handling of petitions.
Archives and Documentation Section
1. Archive and File Management Section: File and document management. Promotes e-document management, enforces consumption reduction, enhances e-document interchange rate to reduce administration resources and enhance administration efficiency. Establishes the e-Document Energy Conservation and Paper Reduction Promotion Plan and implements the online document approval process to gradually achieve paper-free operations and enhance document processing time.
2. Enforces administration reform, simplifies document processing, reinforces policy publicity, and publishes country government gazettes.
3. Appoints special seal custodian for management stratification of seal use responsibility; and processes applications for printing certificates, documents and deeds.
4. Archive management is not only the fundamental work to keep track of national development, but also the source of knowledge management in the government. Given that the opening and utilization of the archive are the core value of archive management, this section thus aggressively promote and guide archive management in all county government departments, in order to maintain and protect national historical and cultural heritage, provide quality files for utilization, and display the function of archive management.
General Affairs Section
1. General affairs, administrative affairs, and document draft approval.
2. Budget planning and management and fund approval.
3. Office and dormitory management and telephone management.
4. Article purchasing and guest reception.
5. Offset of office expense and general affair expense.
6. Petty cash receiving, expense and custody; and bookkeeping.
7. Office environment cleanup.
8. Property management (periodic inventory, scrap processing, reporting and statistics).
9. Vehicle management.
10. Conference room management.
11. Square management.
Press Section
1. County administration news and publicity.
2. Policy publicity.
3. Collection of public opinions and comments.
4. Strengthening public relations.
5. Management and guidance of the film and show industries.
6. Improvement, management and maintenance of television broadcast.
7. Guidance and management of cable TV businesses.
8. Banning programs violating the Cable Radio and Television Act and commercial management.
9. Management and guidance of the DVD or video businesses.
10. Publicity of traffic safety, prevention of child and juvenile sex trade, and projects resolved at the road safety meetings and public security meetings.
11. Consumer Protection
12. Other
Planning Section
1. Writing administration reports presented at the county council.
2. Giving presentations to superior officers on their visits to Penghu.
3. Planning and promoting integrated county development plans.
4. Collaboration in the offshore construction statues and the integrated construction implementation plan of offshore islands of the county.
5. Integrating projects and strategic plans.
6. Planning for administration plans and compiling reports for administration results.
7. Pilot review of general subsidized infrastructure construction plans.
8. Planning and promotion of medium- and long-term projects.
9. Planning and promotion of R&D projects and review of encouragement policies.
10. Implementation, follow up and control of project studies.
11. Creating an English living environment.
12. Organizing keynote workshops on county administration.
13. Review, control and utilization of overseas visit reports.
14. Holding and recording county affairs meetings and executive meetings; and control and follow up of instructions.
15. Management of government publications.
16. Affairs related to small infrastructure construction projects using the offshore construction fund.
Information Management Section
1. Development and Maintenance of operations of the county government concerning administration digitalization
2. Planning of information development strategy
3. Enforcement of policies, laws and regulations related to e-Government
4. Promotion of information security services and formulation of laws and regulations related to information security
5. Education and training on IT applications in administrative affairs
Evaluation Section
1. Follow up, review and control of the interpellation items of county councilpersons at the periodic county council congress and at the general interpellation session of provisional county council meetings; speaker’s resolutions; and commendations and resolutions made by county councilpersons on their local visits.
2. Follow-up, control, evaluation and assessment of the control items, major plans and projects in the administration.
3. Review and annual review of the progress of administration plans; and evaluation of implementation performance.
4. Follow-up, control, evaluation and assessment of specific projects, special projects and implementation of the annual budget.
5. Control of the implementation of major county construction projects and the new ten major projects of Penghu County.
6. Affairs related to the citizen service center and citizen hours.
7. Planning, promotion, supervision and evaluation of citizen services and total service quality improvement project.
8. Control of the local organization inspection items and correction and investigation cases of Control Yuan.
9. Audit, follow-up, enquiry and timeliness control of documents; improvement and quantitative analysis and statistics of document processing quality; and reporting the status of document processing of different units.
10. Control of citizen petitions and applications.
11. Management and utilization of Penghu Data Center, including data collection, compilation, control, archive and utilization.
12. Annual personnel performance evaluation.
13. Periodic preliminary review of road safety.

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