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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Civil service Ethics Department

Civil service Ethics Department
Organizational structure

Job responsibilities
Administration Section
1. Personnel management of the civil service ethics organization.
2. Establishment and publicity of civil service ethics laws and regulations.
3. Discovery of corruption and illegal acts of government employees.
4. Investigations and handling of reports on civil service ethics.
5. Other affairs related to civil service ethics.
Prevention Section
1. Preventive measures for corruption and illegal acts of government employees (including the formation of an audit team and the establishment of business anticorruption policies).
2. Maintenance of civil service secrets.
3. Maintenance of organizational safety and security.
4. Recommendations for civil service ethics reforms.
5. Property declaration of government employees.
6. Holding anticorruption meetings.
Contact information
Tel +886-6-9274400
Director Ext.259
[Direct Line]+886-6-9272414
Executive Officer Ext.271
Section Chief Ext.260
Officer Ext.536
Fax +886-6-9262284
Email Penghu013@mail.penghu.gov.tw
Address No.32,Jhihping Rd.,Magong City Penghu County 88043,Taiwan(R.O.C)