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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Accounting and Statistics Department

Social Affairs Department
Organizational structure

Job responsibilities
Job responsibilities
1. Review and planning of local general budget, supplementation and reduction of budget, and budget of ancillary units.
2. Approval of budget allotment for annual revenues and annual expenditures of government organizations; and approval of the budget and income and expense estimation of ancillary units.
3. Approval of inter-account use of unit budget items, cost and deficit as well as final accounts of special funds.
4. Supervision of the annual budgeting of all agencies and schools of the county.
5. Disbursement, approval and appropriation of the first and second reserves and disaster reserve.
6. General affairs related to programs of the central government for counties/cities and examination items of the budget for these programs.
7. Implementation and promotion of general budget accounting and financial information systems.
8. Approval of the general budget of local townships and cities and the budget of ancillary units; audit, supervision, review and compilation of the annual budget, accounting and final accounting of local townships and cities.
9. Accounting audit of PHCG and ancillary accounting organizations.
1. Handling matters related to budget accounting of PHCG agencies.
2. Reviewing the original vouchers of receipts and payments; and production of bookkeeping vouchers.
3. Producing unit accounting report and final accounting report; and handling A/P reservation.
4. Reviewing the cashier receiving, spending and transfer procedures of cash, securities and bills; drawing cash and property inventory procedures; and drawing prepayment clearing procedures.
5. Delivery of receipt and payment vouchers to the audit organization for review.
6. Supervision and organization of the civil projects and the procurement, ordering and sale of county property.
1. Compilation of the general accounting and ancillary unit accounting affairs.
2. Review and supervision of the accounting affairs of agencies and schools.
3. Establishment of accounting system.
4. Accounting affairs of the local education development fund.
5. Handling the audit notice of accounting, budget and statistics organizations.
Statistics Section
1. Approval of official statistics reports and production of applied statistics analysis reports.
2. Production of annual statistics overview.
3. Establishment and maintenance of accounting, budget and statistics websites.
4. Determination and approval of the implementation and staffing of local accounting, budget and statistics organizations.
5. Determination and approval of the appointment and dismissal; evaluation, reward and punishment; and retirement and relief of accounting, budget and statistics personnel of all levels.
Contact information
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Budgeting Section
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Accounting Section
Final Accounts Section
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Statistics Section
Address:No.32, Jhihping Rd., Magong City Penghu County 88043, Taiwan (R.O.C.)