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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

City Bus and Ferry Management Office

City Bus and Ferry Management Office
Organizational structure
Organizational structure
Director, Deputy Director, Business Section (including the terminus - dispatch center, the South China Sea Star and South China Sea Star II), Machine and Material Section (including maintenance workshop), General Affairs Section, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, and Internal Affairs Office

Job responsibilities
Divisions Contents of the job responsibilities
Director's Office Manage the business operation of the Department comprehensively
Deputy Director's Office Assist in managing the business operation of the Department.
General Affairs Division Manage research, assessment, and development, official seal, documents, general affairs, archives, property, cashier, and general operation.
Business Division Manage vehicle and boat operation, planning, ticketing management, station affairs supervision, vehicle scheduling, inspection, stations signs setting and adjustment, and other related matters.
Equipment and Supplies Division Manage vehicle and boat procurement, inspection, registration, material bidding and procurement, planning, fuel, maintenance, repair, and other related matters.
Personnel Office Manage the staff appointment and dismissal, retirement, pension, rewards and punishments, business leave and personal leave, salary, insurance, bonuses, and other related matters.
Accounting Office Manage the budget, accounting, and statistics lawfully and concurrently; also, the preparation and review of the business budget and final accounts.
Internal Affairs Office Manage the planning, supervision, and execution of internal affairs work plan.
Contact information

Address: No. 200, Guanghua Li, Magong City, Penghu County 88054
Tel.: 06-9213822
Fax: 06-9218002