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Family Education Center

Family Education Center

Introduction of the institution:
 The Center was established on March 29, 1988 and was initially named the “Penghu County Parenting Education Center” and located at the 3rd floor of the Cultural Center to provide telephone consultation, interviews, correspondent counseling, and prevention and promotion services.
    The Center was renamed the “Penghu County Family Education Service and Consultation Center” on May 1, 1990 with full-time staff employed and the service mode changed from static style to dynamic style to improve service quality.
    The Center was renamed again the “Penghu County Family Education Center” on July 1, 1999 to expand the scope of services and objects in order to fulfill the purpose of building up a peaceful learning family and society.
    After the enactment of the Family Education Law passed by legislation on February 6, 2003, the Center has become the secondary institution of Penghu County Government on September 28, 2005, and was officially operated at the current address on February 7, 2006 to help the Penghu County Family Education Center reach a new milestone and to become a designated institution for the implementation of family education law and for the promotion of family education task.

Organizational structure
The Center has one Supervisor appointed who is also the Director of the Department of Education and instructed by the County Mayor to command, supervise, and manage the operation of the Center comprehensively
    The Center also has a group of staff and assistants to promote family education business and also to manage personnel and accounting matters concurrently. Currently there are 2 full-time staff and 2 temporary helps on the payroll to promote the business of the Center.


Contact information
Address: No. 21, Tzili Road, Magong City, Penghu County
Tel.: 06-9262085
Consultation Direct Line: 06-9278885
Fax: 06-9266632
Website: family.phc.edu.tw