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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Magong City Household Registration Office

Magong City Household Registration Office
Organizational structure
Staffing includes a supervisor, secretary, officer, household registration clerk, clerk, and janitor.
Job responsibilities

(I) Identity registration: Birth, claim, adoption, termination of adoption, marriage, divorce, guardianship, assistance, the burden of exercising rights and obligations over minor children, death, death declaration, and aboriginal identity and ethnic registration
(II) Initial household registration
(III) Migration registration: The registration for moving in and moving out, and address changes
(IV) Individual (integrated) household registration
(V) Birthplace registration
(VI) Other registration: Changes (name, name of spouse, name of parents, and identity card number), correction (date of birth, birth sex, name of parent, name of foster parent, and name of spouse), and cancellation and revocation of registration
I. Issuance of Documents:
(I) Household Certificate (including household certificate in English version)
(II) National identity card
(III) Household registry
(IV) Seal registration, alteration, cancellation, and proof
(V) Marriage license (divorce decree) in Chinese (English)
(VI) Name change record, marriage record, and migration record certificate
(VII) Various types of applications and photocopies of accompanying documents
(VIII) Natural person certificate
(IX) Affinity information
(X) Deceased relatives ID photo image electronic file disk
II. Approval of nationality change
(I) Naturalization
(II) Loss of nationality
(III) Revocation of loss of nationality
(IV) Reinstatement of nationality
(V) Revocation of nationality
(VI) Renewal or replacement of a nationality certificate
(VII) Proof of nationality of the Republic of China
III. House numbering business
(I) Application for initial house numbering, addition, and merger, arrangement, and nailing
(II) Application for house numbering certificate
(III) Preparation and nailing of aluminum house numbering plate
IV. Other services:
(I) Household registration law and regulations query
(II) Various household registration application query
(III) Other related business inquiries of the institution
(IV) The identity confirmation of the applicant for the first-time passport application
(V) Specifying the mailing address

Contact information
Address: No. 81, Yongshou Street, Magong City, Penghu County
Tel.: (06)927-2370
Email: rlx099@mchr.penghu.gov.tw
Fax: (06)926-3708