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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Cimei Township Household Registration Office

Qimei Township Household Registration Office
Organizational structure
There are four members within the Household Registration Office, including one supervisor, one clerk, one household registration clerk, and one janitor.
Organizational structure

Job responsibilities
Job title Contents of the job responsibilities
Supervisor Manage the operation of the Household Registration Office.
Clerk I. Handling household registration
II. Research, assessment, and development business
III. Archives and files management
IV. Accounting
V. Information business
VI. ISO assessment
VII. Contingent assignments
Household registration clerk I. Handling household registration
II. Nationality business
III. Website business
IV. Cashier
V. Natural person certificate
VI. Demographics
VII. Population policy advocacy
VIII. Contingent assignments
Janitor I. The sanitation and cleanliness of the office and the surrounding environment and its maintenance
II. Archives delivery
III. Contingent assignments
Contact information
Address: No. 9-3, Din-Jar-Chen, Lin 10, Pingho Rural Village, Qi-Mei Township, Penghu County
Tel.: (06)997-1263
E-mail: Qime145@cthr.penghu.gov.tw
Fax: (06)997-1438
Name of Divisions and Offices Telephone number or extension number
Supervisor’s Office 06-9971145
Office 06-9971263
Unit or institution address No. 9-3, Din-Jar-Chen, Lin 10, Pingho Rural Village, Qi-Mei Township, Penghu County
Traffic guide on how to get to the unit Traffic information:
.Approximately an 8~10 minute walk from the airport or 2~3 minutes by motorcycle ride
.Approximately a 25~30 minute walk from Nanhu Harbor or 6~8 minutes by motorcycle ride.