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Penghu County Police Bureau-Administration Division
Central content
Administration Division
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Administration Division I. Draft and improvement of the police system, and adjustment of the authority of positions。
II. Standard of station establishment, and the planning and supervision of police uniforms and facilities of police agencies.
III. Police service system, and the planning, supervision and control of education before service in each police agency.
IV. Planning, supervision and control of organizing and utilizing special squads.
V. Planning and supervision of outlawing indecent behaviors and gambles in electronic game centers.
VI. Planning and supervision of registration and existing legal sex service providers and the venue management.
VII. Management of police batons, police handcuffs, electronic batons, and Tasers, and the control of police weapons.
VIII. Planning, supervision and control of assistance to general administrative agencies for their business promotions.
IX. Other police administrative matters.
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Prevention and Control Division Household visiting related business, visiting elderly who live alone, checking and finding missing persons, community security related business, household information (access to the query system to the household and military service system), self-guided trip of mainlanders, insurance claims of these volunteer firemen and policemen in the County, and other benefit and subsidies applications.
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Training Division
I. Regular training of policemen- skill and techniques
(1) Handgun shooting
(2) Rifle shooting
(3) Judo and Taekwondo
(4) Comprehensive skills of capture 
(5) Physical training
(6) Service safety, training of police group 
(7) Training of special squad
II. Regular training of policemen-academic
(1) Academic education 
(2) e-education 
(3) Academic examinations
III. Advance learning and exams:
(1) Admission examination of Police University and Police Jr. College
(2) Special Examination for Police
(3) Short-term session education
IV. Referral of police mental counseling
V. Use and training in the Human Power Development Center
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Logistics Division I. Procurement tenders and the production, distribution, and management of police uniforms of the Department
II. Repair, construction, maintenance of the buildings, guild halls, dormitories of the Department
III. Supervision and management for the registration of the properties of the Department and units under the Department and to make an inventory.
IV. The assignation of the firearms, bullets, bullet-proof gear of the Department; the inspection and supervision of the procurement, replacement, scrapping, maintenance of patrol cars.
V. Setting up the radio communication facilities, and the maintenance and management.
VI. Appraisals and management of drivers.
VII. Other police logistic matters.
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Prevention and Control Division I. Implementation of the security tasks at important holidays
II. Adequately handling work dealing with crowd control events
III. Utilizing the mobile security police team-training, and the maintenance/checking of the security equipment.
IV. Implementation of various election projects.
V. Security tasks during festivals in October and major security concerns, and enhancement of the guard in important holidays.
VI. General guarding tasks, and assisting to maintain safety and order in the events hosted by public and/or private organizations.
VII. Setting up and maintenance of CCTVs.
VIII. Implementation of expanded spot checks.
IX. Accommodation of wildlife’s preservation.
X. Management and license issuance of self-protection firearms, guns, ammunition and knives.
XI. Detention and repatriation of homeless people and mentally disabled people.
XII. Guarding and security (anti-terrorism)
XIII. Dispatch of the bodyguards.
XIV. Implementation of the training of volunteer policemen and utilization of them.
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Foreign Affairs Division Collaboration with international police, guarding international guests, handling case involving foreigners, issuance of criminal records, enhance language skills of policemen, countering human trafficking, and translation of Chinese/English books and information.
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Forensic Science Division
  1. Inspection and reconstruction of the sites of special, major, and general criminal cases in the jurisdiction.
  2. Collection evidences at the criminal sites, and the preliminary identification and examination.
  3. Explosion proof tasks of SWAT.
  4. Training of forensic science.
  5. Planning and maintenance of criminal forensic equipment
  6. Integration and application of forensic science and investigative intelligence.
  7. Other forensic science related matters
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Legal and Regulation Division
  • Research and compilation of the police related laws and regulations.
  • Planning of consultation, promotion, seminar of police related laws and regulations, and survey of their effectiveness.
  • Development and amendment of the police related laws and regulations; research and discussion of controversial cases or significant police-related issues.
  • Handling, supervising the state compensations, and assistance to the administrative remedies.
  • Other research for the related laws and regulations.
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Inspector Division The disciplines of the Department, service supervision, SWAT, internal affairs, policemen appraisals and political training, and conveyance of condolences. Also selecting excellent and model policemen and their public praises. Investigation any violations by policemen. Other inspection matters, e.g., improvement of service quality and receiving complaints toward policemen.

Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Administrative Division One division chief is designated to supervise the administrative operation. The headcounts in the division include two secretaries, one sub-division chief, two section assistants, two senior clerks, and three clerks. The functions are:  
(1) Checking and verifying official documents.
(2) Compilation of the annual operation plan.
(3) Full Implementation of the annual operation plan.
(4) Controlling the applications and complaints from the public.
(5) Management of general affairs, petty cash, treasury, and seals.
    Janitor management, receiving and sending mails, and document management.
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Security Division The security of the Department, social security tasks, investigation and prevention of domestic disorders, external damage, and national security issue, survey of social security, response and training focusing on airport or ports when hijacked or damaged, planning, supervision, appraising the security detection, and other security related matters.
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
System Administration Computerization of the police information, enhancing the IT personnel training, management of computer devices, various police network system (including linking system to other public departments), management and maintenance of the police mobile devices, and IT security.
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Public Relations Division 1. Releasing police related news and communication to mass media.
2. Providing police measures and promotion materials to mass media.  
3. Collecting and handling the consensus, reports, comment, and suggestions toward police.  
4. Enhance the police-civil relationship.
5. Receiving visitors from other organizations, and introducing the overview of police.
6. Communication to the councils.
7. Assistance to “Society of Police’s Friends”.
8. Other police public relations related matters
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Accounting Office 1. Annual budget planning
2. Execution of the annual budget; review and approval of the internal expenses.
3. Issuing payment voucher to pay with the public funds.
4. Clearance of advances.
5. Applying the preservation of the annual budget.
6. Preparing various accounting reports, semi-annual reports, and settlement reports.
7. The statistics of the official services.
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Personnel Office Organization headcounts: To handle the amendment of the local police agency’s organization, position lines, decentralization of responsibilities, and headcounts allocation.
Recruitment: Assignation, removal, and transfer; regular transfer, scores for working years and performance, personnel review committee; training for promotion, selection and review.
Appraisal and reward/punishment: The annual appraisal and appraisal for projects; general reward/punishment and complaints, performance evaluation, appraisal committee, and attendance management.
Retirement and benefits: Handling retirement, death benefit, salary, over-time compensation, various subsidies, public servant (healthcare) insurance, convening of reserved soldiers, Taiwan Traveler Cards, and bonus.
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Government Ethics Office The main business of this Office is to prevent the ethics issues and clear the corruptions
  • Prevention:
  1. Plan and implementation of reflection of consensus.
  2. Promotion and implementation of social engagement advertisement campaign.
  3. Plan, utilization and appraisal of volunteers against corruptions
  4. Handling lobbying, entertainment, and gift registration.
  5. Report of properties of civil servants
  6. Procedure of civil servants reporting their properties.
  7. (Analyzing) reports for the ethics and anti-corruptions survey
  8. Supervising and verifying the tenders of procurement projects of the Department.
  9. Plan and implementation of the anti-corruption meetings
  10. Plan and implementation of the promotion of anti-corruptions
  11. Plan, implementation, supervision, and evaluation of the holiday monitoring.
  12. Plan, implementation, supervision, and evaluation of the secret audits of services.
  13. Coordination and handling of the maintenance of agency security
  14. Plan and implementation of project audits.
  • Investigation and Discipline Actions:
  1. Investigation of corruption or secret leaking by policemen and consequent punishment.
  2. Investigation of ethics and collection of ethics intelligence.
  3. Plan and implementation of the investigation into projects.
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Command and Control Center I. 110Non-stop service to the publics
“110” is the first number considered when people need assistance from the police. The hotline receives reports from the public 24-hours a day, including, traffic accidence, service to the public, security event, and disasters. The policemen will be dispatched immediate to handle the emergency.
II. 110 hot line for hearing and speaking disabled:
Healthy people may call 110 any time when they have emergencies. But the hearing and speaking disabled are unable to make a phone call. They can only ask for help from family or friends with text, and thus suffer the damage and/or loss of lives or properties. The Department offers a reporting service for the hearing and speaking disabled, and has established text reporting system since 2008. The hearing and speaking disabled just need to text the hot line 0911-510-930 with their mobile phone, and the reply will send back to them automatically, once the report is received, and the reporting process is completed.
Name of Division Contents of the job responsibilities
Civil Defense Center To accommodate the annual military-civil air-defense (Wan An) exercise, and to enhance the air defense and the awareness of air defense among the public; implementation of defense intelligence order delivery, releasing alarms and controlling; maintaining the defense communication facilities; maintaining and managing the air-defense equipment; to accommodate the disaster rescue and civil security exercise.